Sunday, October 10, 2004

Life's greatest questions?

Is it just me, or does Katie Holmes not have boobs anymore?

Do you think the studio audience at "Jeopardy!" tapings try to answer the questions, just like you or I would when watching it on TV? If so, can the contestants hear them? Or does the audience have to sit there and be quiet? Would security have to escort them out if they did answer questions out loud?

OK, you know how on "Iron Chef", they have Japanese celebrities on as judges and guest commentators? Are these A-list or B-list celebrities in Japan? Is there any way to know? I'm kinda leaning towards B-list. I'm just saying, 'cuz on Iron Chef America, they had that guy who played Gunthar on "Friends", and he's definitely B-list.

You're supposed to keep coffee in the refrigerator? Says who? Since when?

And that can't be the right way to spell "refrigerator"...

Wait a minute, Michelin is a FRENCH company?

OK, who's a member of the Brat Pack? How many are there? Are there certain qualifications? Clarification on this would be great.

Lastly, if you've got something in the oven, wouldn't make more sense to use the oven timer instead of the one on the microwave?

Sunday, October 3, 2004

Did Kevin Smith sell out after "Jersey Girl" or "The Passion of the Clerks"?

Three comments on Kevin Smith's decision to make "The Passion of the Clerks" (AKA "Clerks 2")...

1. I think this makes him more of a sellout that "Jersey Girl" did. Although I really doubt he's in it for the money.

2. Would Shannon Elizabeth appear? As her Justice character? Or will she and Jay have parted ways by then?

3. Plot continuity error: In "Dogma", Jay and Silent Bob collect money to buy bus tickets from New Jersey to Illinois. In "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", they attempt to board a bus from New Jersey to Los Angeles, only to "discover" that they have to pay for tickets (incorrectly assuming they can ride it for free, like the school bus).
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