Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it over yet?

Good lord, how many more of these Twilight movies are they going to make?  I'd be way more interested in them if Ashley Greene was the star, and she was running around dressed like this:

Source: Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit issue

But seriously, there was one good Twilight movie.  You can never go wrong with a Reese Witherspoon topless scene.

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's a guy to do?!?!

I know I'm going to regret asking this, but has been boggling my mind for the last couple of months...

Ladies, do you know of any woman who agreed to have sex with a guy after he asked her to? (No details necessary, just a simple yes/no answer will suffice.)

It seems to go against everything I believe to be true about the male-female relationship model. I'm used to working for it. Be a nice guy, do some sweet talking, treat a women right, buy her a few things, and wait for her to be ready.

What's worse, it seems like it's a double-edged sword. If I ask a woman to sleep with me, she may get upset for thinking she's easy. But if I don't, I'd be accused of thinking that woman doesn't enjoy sex.

Can someone explain to me how this actually works? I mean, I know the best way is to find out for myself and do it. And I got nothing to lose. But just can't make up my mind.
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