Friday, October 29, 2010

They're on to me!!

The Phoenix metropolitan area is onto me and my nefarious plot.

Flew into Phoenix from Fargo yesterday evening. Landed at 8, got to my hotel at 9 (local time). Jennifer, a fellow Donnaholic with whom I'm going to the Arizona State Fair with tomorrow to see Godsmack and Five Finger Death Punch, picks me up at 10:30, after she's done with class. We drive around looking for a place to eat before we find a Denny's. We sit, talk Donnas, tell stories, and have a good time. She brings me back to my room after we're done, at about 12:30 AM. It takes me a half hour to wind down, then I went to bed at 1.

Half hour later, my room phone rings. I wasn't asleep yet, but I'm thinking "Who knows where I'm at? Who could be that crazy enough to track me down and call me?" It's the front desk. Guy tells me he received a report from other guest that I was being a disturbance. I think, "Noise? Yeah, it's late and I was watching some TV before I tried to go to sleep."

Nope. The guy was concerned because the other guests at the hotel thought I was trying to use Facebook on my cell phone to build SkyNet and usher in the end of humanity. I assured him this was not my intention, and he insisted that I stop using Facebook forever.

I love this place. I may even have to move here... XD
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