Sunday, May 9, 2004

You know what would be fun? Star Trek's Worf appearing in Trix commercials. Think of it. Maybe some person is enjoying breakfast. He/She offers the cereal to the Klingon. He responds, "I do not want any. Trix are for kids." Hilarious.

The Twins are back on Fox Sports Net. Victory has been defeated. Read all about it.

Speaking of cable TV, this is how it SHOULD work. Every cable channel is either basic or premium, but they ALL work like premium channels. You select which channels you want. You pay for the channels you select, and ONLY those channels. Personally, I'd give Lifetime, any religious channel, The Disney Channel, shopping channels, and the C-SPANs the boot. I think I've watched every other channel I've got at least once.

Please hold for the next available customer service representative...
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