Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Waiting for a jet plane

Three thoughts when I was at the airport today:

1: Would running up the down escalator be considered a security threat? Usually goofy and/or dumb people do this, and few of us think anything of it. But with the way things are since 9/11, I dunno...

B: I'd like to hang out at the local airport when that car dealership brings in new cars for the main floor lobby. Yes, the Fargo airport is so small and pathetic that dealerships use it as a satellite car lot to sell their vehicles.

Three: I remember #3. I think...

Why don't they wear seat belts on "Star Trek"? Let's think about this. You wear your seat belt in the car. Top speed around 120, but you probably rarely take it up above 80. Holds 4-6 passengers. U.S.S. Enterprise-D can go like Warp 9.5 and has 1100 people in it. Of course, space is wider, and there's a lot less stuff to hit. But if the crew had seat belts, they wouldn't go flying all over the place in battle. Dramatic effect be damned!!

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