Monday, July 19, 2004

What right or reason does Sum 41 have to "Rock Against Bush"? They're CANADIAN!! They have no right to say who our leaders should be or what they should do. If they got a problem with W, go back to Canada, eh? Those hosers.

I want to build a Human Foosball table. A REAL one. With actual people. But I do recgonize two possible problems. One is safety. How do you design a harness that can safely hold a human in place? You'd need something to keep their feet/legs in place. Ideally, you'd also want them to keep their hands at their sides, but you want to give them some method to defend themselves. Helmets would be required, obviously. Second, turning the people. You'd need to rig up some gear system so you can make a normal foosball-type handle to turn a much larger version. And the person spinning the foosball players would probably have to be standing on a platform above the action, so they can see the whole field.

I'll gladly pay more for my groceries if it means that someone will bag them for me.

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday!! If not, Happy Unbirthday!!

Have you seen that show "Quintuplets" on FOX? The one with Andy Richter.  Did you notice how extremely portrayed their characters are? First, you got the short boy, who's a lot like Bud Bundy, but he doesn't come off disgusting, like Bud. Then, there's the stupid guy. He says a lot of the same things you'd expect a kid like that to say if he were stoned. Next, is the athletic, popular guy. Finally, there are the two girls. They're kinda like the two girls on "8 Simple Rules", but again, taken to more of an extreme. The popular blonde is even more worried about popularity, while the cute mousey brunette girl is just a little more anti-establishment than her ABC counterpart. Each kid is a stereotype of the teenage population he/she is trying to represent.

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