Tuesday, September 21, 2004

They should really make the "Beverly Hills Cop" movie trilogy into a video game. Especially in a Grand Theft Auto style of play with a Spider-Man 2-esque option of following a linear story or solving random crimes. You've got a great array of characters to choose from. Your main choices would be Det. Foley, Sgt. Rosewood, and Sgt. Taggard. Then there is Lt. Bogomil, Inspector Todd, and Jeffery (Paul Resier). Toss in Michael Tandino, Jenny Summers, and the "First Team" from the first movie, Lutz, his assistant, and Jan from #2, and Hector Elizondo from the third. You've got great baddies too. Victor Matelin and his right-hand man, Thamopolis, that tall blonde, Charles Kain, Maxwell Dent, and Ellis De Wald. And you can't have a BCH game with out Serge. Get real voices, toss in a multiplayer FPS mode, and you've got a gold mine.

Is "Saturday Night Live" ever going to be good again? The show has went downhill since Will Farrell left. And after Jimmy Fallon left, there are no funny reoccuring characters left. The only reason to watch it now is for the guest host. That can't be a good sign for the show.

Side note #1: How are they going to do "Weekend Update" now? Tina Fey by herself? Or put someone in Jimmy Fallon's place?

Side note #2: With Fallon gone, he won't be ruining every sketch by cracking up anymore. I won't miss that.

Ms. Julia Stiles, please stop appearing in chick flicks. You're a beautiful, talented girl, and you're letting it going to waste.

I want to try playing cricket someday. Because I want to see how baseball skills and strategies transfer to that game. Can I still smack the hell out of the ball? Swing for the fences every time? Or do I have to be a slap hitter? What about fielding? Do I want to dive to make plays?

You women don't want nice guys. You want bad asses. Why? A bad ass can act like a nice guy, and get away with it. When a nice guy tries the reverse, he looks like a damn fool. Makes me sick.

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