Saturday, December 4, 2004

Why does God do such things to us?

Let's review happened with last year's BCS fiasco...

The University of Southern California Trojans defeat the Michigan Wolverines 28-14 in the Rose Bowl. In one of the fiercest rivalries in college football, Michigan beats the Ohio State University Buckeyes 35-21. In the Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State takes out the Big 12 Champion Kansas State Wildcats 35-28. Despite being routed in the Big 12 Championship Game by the Wildcats 35-7, the University of Oklahoma Sooners go to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans for the National Championship game. The Louisiana State University Tigers beats Oklahoma 21-14.

If Oklahoma had won the Sugar Bowl, it would have set up the following...

USC > Michigan > OSU > KSU > Oklahoma > LSU

...with the greater than symbol ">" showing the winner of the respective matchup (i.e. USC beat Michigan, so USC > Michigan).

USC should have went to the Sugar Bowl and played LSU, instead of Oklahoma.

This is one of the many reasons college football needs a playoff system.

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