Saturday, April 2, 2005

The daily commute

Three things I noticed driving back and forth to work today. You know, besides the idiot drivers who should have their vehicles taken away.

Uno: The Office Depot that went out of business on the corner of 45th Street and 13th Ave South is coming back. Why? There's a reason it closed. No one went there. And I won't go there. If I need office supplies, I'll go to Office Max, just one block east and one block south.

Dos: Yesterday was April 1st, which means the start of road construction season. The signs are already up. And the City of Fargo plans to work on 45th St between 13th and 23rd Avenues South. That interferes with me driving to work. So I have to get my ass out of bed earlier. Damn them.

Tres: Those huge steel beams I saw out the north window at IHOP on Easter Sunday. No idea what they were then. Drove those same beams again today, they were for the new Scheels. The one that took them 7 years to build. Well, actually 5 years of a sign saying "Future Site of Scheels" and 2 years of building.

But it's interesting if you think about it. How a street intersection can look so different, depending on the direction you're approaching it from.

And if you bother to take the time to read this, and all of my posts, you'll notice that it's my one-year blogging anniversary. Just saying...

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