Sunday, May 8, 2005

Dear Santa

These are the toys I want:

  • The new Weezer CD, Make Believe.
  • A 17" LCD montior.
  • A Mac mini, 1.25 GHz, 512 MB, 40 GB HD, Wireless capable.
  • A KVM switch, with PS/2 inputs and USB outputs.
  • Some baseball cards (see my web site for my wantlists).
  • A better laptop. But that can wait for now.
  • An HP laser printer. This can also wait.
  • A camera phone.
  • Answers to all my Linux questions.
  • Books to make me smart. Specifically, stuff on Linux, Apache/MySQL/PHP, C#. Maybe the new Harry Potter book too.
  • A peon. Someone to do my coding for me.
  • A new Twins hat. Fitted. Size 7 1/4. Away (the one with the "m" on it).

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