Saturday, May 28, 2005

On sale this week at Target...

OK, two things about my trip to Target this morning.

A: So, all these states are placing restrictions on the number of Pseudoephedrine cold pills you can buy in a day, since it's one of the primary ingredients in making Meth. OK, fine. Like you can only buy like one box a day. Fine. But I don't think it helps that you can buy a box of 96 generic store-brand tablets. I don't know how many pills it would normally take, but I would think that you'd also want to limit the number of pills in a box.

B: Hershey's is offering a low-carb Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Why? If you're the type of person who bought into the low-carb hype, I would think that you shouldn't be eating candy to begin with. What's worse, the candy was twice the price of a normal Reese's. Which is why I hate that whole diet-craze in the first place. The only place you can expect to lose weight is in your wallet. These people who buy into this crap are like lemmings, just running towards a cliff. It's just wrong.

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