Friday, June 17, 2005

OK, most people are probably going to tell you that Driven was not a very good movie. I don't think it's that bad. I find it very watchable. Decent. My only real problem with it is how buddy-buddy everyone is at the end of the movie. Over the course of 2 races and a few weeks, everyone becomes best friends after several months of passionate disdain.

Let's face it, Ashton and Demi are for real. There's no trickery involved. However, I don't buy Katie and Tom. My question is: Who's going to be Punk'd? No, seriously. I wonder if Vegas has odds on this.

Nearly two and a half months have gone by. And those damn Pale Hosers are still leading the A.L. Central. They're winning on luck, not skill. Playing way above their expected win-loss ratio. Just crash and burn already. Then we can end the formality of the regular season and move on to October, so we can crown the eventual A.L. Central champion Minnesota Twins.

Solve for X: Apple + Intel = X.

Whoever went to town on Lindsay Lohan with the ugly stick should be shot.

Is it just me, or is McAfee releasing a new DAT file for their VirusScan program every day now? Damn virus writers. I hope they get a virus. Preferably Ebola.

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