Friday, July 8, 2005

Transition offense

OK, let's start off talking about some summer movies...

Steve Buscemi is the perfect actor if you have a creepy guy role in your movie.

Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful young actress who carries herself with a lot of grace. You don't see that very often these days.

This movie Stealth, starring Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx, is one of those movies that looks like it's so bad, that you just have to go see it to find out how really bad it is.

Making a new "Bad News Bears" movie seems like a terrible travesty and big hornets' nest, but if they must, I think Billy Bob Thornton was a perfect fit as the coach.

Almost as horrible: Mrs. Doubtfire 2. Are they totally out of ideas in Hollywood?

Speaking of rehashed garbage: Herbie is a VW Beetle. A classic one. Definitately not made in the U.S.A. Therefore, it could not be used to race in the NASCAR Nextel Cup circuit. Just like Disney to fuck up the world and write their own twisted reality to sell movie tickets.

DEI needs to add another team member if they want to find success in NASCAR's major league. Another experienced driver and crew. I don't think Martin Truex Jr. is there yet. Three or four cars would give DEI what it needs to achieve it's ultimate goal: a Dale Jr. championship.

Is it just me, or is Michael Waltrip the goofy, sidekick neighbor to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s leading man? Watching any commercial with the two of them... it's like they should be in a sitcom or something.

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