Friday, March 23, 2007

Student of the Game

As previously mentioned, I've been watching some WWE lately. And with Wrestlemania 23 just around the corner, I've been wondering, "If I was out there, how would I do it?" Well...

My persona would be a geek-like "Student of the Game". The first few weeks I appeared at the live events, I'd have a variety of tech gadgets (laptop, video camera, etc.) or just a simple notepad and pencil to capture and record data on various matches. Then break down each and every move and match. Gather up a big stack of stats. I'd also ask other wrestlers for advice. Listen to them, learn from them. Know every competitor inside and out. Before performing in my first few matches, I'd share my knowledge with a few guys, each time directly leading them to victory.

I think I'd be a babyface (good guy). Very polite and respectful. Gracious for being given the opportunity to work for the WWE. Depicted by some as a "nerd" for my approach, I might need a bodyguard. Some muscle to protect a guy of my relatively smaller stature. Maybe John Cena (for my similar "hustle and respect" demeanor) or Triple H (aka "The Game", under his tutelage I literally WOULD BE my persona). But I think I would want the only man that would be crazy enough to follow me into pro wrestling.

John Breneman.

With JB, we fight all the way up the ladder to become Tag Team Champs. And we'd hold those belts for a very long time. Say about a year. Then, and I know it would be coming, I just don't know when.... BAM!! He assaults me after a match and turns heel (bad guy). From there, we constantly battle each other. My scientific approach versus his power game. Brains v. brawn. And in an epic, mammoth, historical Wrestlemania main event, I win the WWE Championship.

Totally awesome.

Sigh. If only he was still in Fargo, we could play this out on his XBox 360.

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