Saturday, March 3, 2007

Taking it back

Anyone who knows me knows that I constantly rip on the Scheels All Sports chain of sporting good stores for putting up a sign on a large vacant lot on the corner of 45th Street and 15th Avenue South in Fargo during the 1999-2000 school year stating "Future Site of Scheels," then waiting until late 2004 to begin construction before finally opening in July 2006.

But every time I go in that store, I literally could spend HOURS in there. Taking a look at the Twins merchandise. Getting a gumball or two. Playing with the baseball, golf, and hockey equipment. Heading over to the home entertainment area to play some free Ms. Pac-Man or look at billiards accessories.

I rarely buy anything when I am in there, but just the thought of owning some of that phat lewt... If I had a million dollars, I'd need a couple of large moving vans to help me haul my purchases home.

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