Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A journey of a lifetime comes to an end

I have finished the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series. And I'm kinda proud of it.

If you plan to read the complete series, you have 2 months to finish it before I start ruining the ending for you. All of August, all of September. That's 61 days. Plenty of time. The first three books will take about 2-3 days each, the fourth through seventh about 6-9 days each. That's anywhere from 30 to 45 days for all seven. Factor in the remaining summer month, and school starting in a few weeks, you've have more than enough time to pound it out.

In honor of today, which would be Harry Potter's 27th birthday, I am posting this link to my comments on the series finale.


Be warned: the link contains plenty of spoilers. If you don't want to know what happens, don't click on the link.

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