Sunday, August 5, 2007

Caveat emptor

For those of you who do not know Latin: Let the Buyer Beware.

Do not buy a set of golf clubs from a company that does not have an operational web site or a phone number on the box when you want to make a warranty claim. It's a lesson I'm learning the hard way this summer (the first of hopefully many spent on the links). Maybe it's what I get for a $200 set of clubs. And I understand that golf is not a cheap sport; I also play hockey, and that was also an initial investment of $300+ to get started. But if the name of your product includes the word "Durable", then they should last me more than three months.

Conversely, kudos to the folks at Mills Fleet Farm for giving me a new 3 Wood when mine broke. Twice. Excellent customer service has diminshed, but not removed, the bitter taste this experience has left me.

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