Friday, August 15, 2008

Well played, clerks...

So, people in the present who are looking to obtain a time machine will sometimes resort to leaving messages for future generations to be a time-space location (be at location A at time X), then wait for someone with a time machine to travel back to time X in an effort to steal said time machine.

Still with me? Good.

However, it hasn't worked (so far, to my knowledge). But I think I know how to fix that.

I have to cause an event that makes it necessary for someone in the future to travel back in time to ensure that I cause my event, or else that time traveler will not exist as he does in the future.


I do event A. A causes event B. B causes event C. C directly effects time traveler T in a profound manner, so much so that T comes back in time to when I do event A, to make sure event A happens.

T shows up in my time, I beat his ass, and then I take his time machine.

Now, to determine what I do that direct effects T... Anyone got a time machine?

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