Sunday, October 19, 2008

If the Empire wanted to destroy the moon Yavin 4 and the rebel base on it, why didn't they just to go THROUGH the planet Yavin by blowing it up with the Death Star, instead of just waiting to come around its orbit?


Unknown said...

Maybe Yavin was too big? Maybe Yavin has some strategic significance? Maybe... argh. They needed a dramatic device.

PFritz21 said...

I discussed this with a co-worker who's a big Star Wars fan, and he suggested that there might be concern about the debris from blowing up Yavin. However, my research on the official web site revealed that Yavin is a gas giant. You blow that up, you don't have giant asteroid-like pieces of rock floating in space. You could even try to fire THROUGH the gas giant. My co-worker then argued that the gas could be argon, which would disperse the laser fired from the Death Star.

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