Saturday, February 28, 2009

The March is on!!

Tomorrow is March, which can only mean one thing...

No, not that. But good guess.

It's the Road to Wrestlemania 25. If you pay attention to WWE, you know that the two main events have esentially been set. It's going to be John Cena/Edge for the World Heavyweight title and Randy Orton/Triple H for the WWE title.

And I'm SO looking forward to it. Not those main events so much, but all the possible match ups on Raw and Smackdown over the next month. Among the potention scenarios:

  • Cena vs. Triple H (face vs. face)
  • Orton vs. Edge (heel vs. heel)
  • Cena vs. Orton (challenger vs. challenger)
  • Triple H vs. Edge (champion vs. champion)
  • Cena and Orton vs. Edge and Triple H (challengers vs. champions)
  • Cena and Triple H vs. Edge and Orton (not only would it be faces vs. heels, it's a reunion of Rated-RKO)
  • Cena and Edge vs. Triple H and Orton (World Heavyweight vs. WWE)

I'd also like to see some DX vs. Rated-RKO, or maybe some Edge and Christian action, perhaps a six-man tag action with wild cards like Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, The Big Show, the McMahons. That'd be awesome.

Will it happen? Anything's possible. I'm smart enough to see most things coming when I watch WWE programming, but not everything. I'd like to believe that the WWE is also smart enough to get me what I want, but that can be hit-or-miss.

I dunno. We'll just have to wait and see.

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