Thursday, July 16, 2009

And away we go?

More and more lately, I've been thinking about leaving Fargo for greener pastures. There's not much left for me here. No girl, job I'm not happy with, most of my friends have moved away. I don't know when I'll leave or why, but I gotta go...

If I go to a major metropolitan area, here's the short list of places to go and short descriptions on why:

** St. Louis - New Busch Stadium is beautiful, and the Cardinals fans know their stuff. What better place to hang out with forty thousand people who love baseball as much as you?
** Minneapolis/St. Paul - The pros? My friends from college live here. The cons? My "friends" from college live here. Additional pluses? Target Field will be awesome, and the U of M rocks.
** Atlanta - I'm told this is the place to go if you're single and about 30. Plenty of single ladies there, ripe for the pickin'.
** Dallas/San Antonio - Dallas isn't as high on my list as it once was, 'cuz I don't like pro hockey as much as I did ten years ago. My good friend Travis lives in San Antonio.
** San Diego - Awesome weather, great golf courses, military presence.
** Seattle - My friend Duane lives here. Space Needle and Pike's Place would be cool to see.
** Chicago - Travis and I are going to start a consulting business here, and we're putting it right next to Wrigleyville!
** Denver - John Elway, greatest quarterback ever.
** Lawrence/Kansas City, Kansas - Two of my best friends, Chris and Cynthia live in Lawrence. Not a big city itself (it's Fargo-sized), but close enough to KC to count.

I haven't made my mind up yet. I'm just not sure what to do, where to go, why. Maybe when I grow up, I'll figure it out...

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