Sunday, August 16, 2009


For years, I've been doing nearly everything in my power to stay compliant with copyright protection laws. That means buying CD's instead of downloading them from file sharing networks (to be honest, I only stopped after NDSU threatened the smackdown on students using them). And I'm damn proud of myself. I'm not going to self-incriminate by doing into details, but almost every song I have I obtained through legal copying of my own compact disks.

One problem though: I've run out of space on my shelving unit for them. 7 shelves, 40 discs per shelf. 280 albums (on 298 discs according to my music page). And 4 more on the way from I need more space.

It's gonna cost me. I figure I need to upgrade to something that holds 400. Gonna run me at least 80 dollars. Should tie me over for another decade. I don't have many more albums to pick up to finish off my collection.

I guess that's the trade-off for keeping a legal music collection. Storage space. And the money... But mostly the storage space.


Unknown said...

I built my own that is 4' x 6' for about eighty bucks, and they hold a LOT.

PFritz21 said...

If I had the time and will to learn how to that, I would.

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