Saturday, October 31, 2009

I don't get it

Every time I watch a cop show on TV, and they're walking through dark areas with their guns drawn, the officers will hold the gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

Why is that? Don't they make something where you can mount a small flashlight on top of their pistols? Would a device like that throw off the firing mechanics of the gun and prevent them from being accurate? Do they do this so the gun is easily holsterable in case it's not needed (for example, if they find a missing person who needs medical attention and the scene has been cleared)? Or maybe it's to have the ability to blind a suspect without having to point the gun at him/her?

Can ANYONE explain this to me? Please? Kthnxbai.


Unknown said...

1) Mounting a flashlight on top of your pistol would obstruct your view, so no, nobody makes such a thing.

2) There are pistols fitted for tactical rails which allow you to mount laser sights, flashlights, cameras, etc. Street cops, however, don't use these (likely because they add bulk to the weapon, and are generally unnecessary, since cops carry flashlights with them anyway).

3) Typically tactical lights are only mounted on submachine guns (like, SWAT), which require two hands. In general, having one mounted to your weapon isn't preferred, since you can only aim the beam where you're aiming your weapon—not always desirable.

So, in summary, your answer is "cuz street cops don't have those, and they wouldn't want 'em anyway."

PFritz21 said...

Makes sense to me, thank you.

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