Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anybody wanna start a band?

Over the last couple of weeks, me and a friend in Phoenix, AZ are talking about starting a band and moving to Southern California (not necessarily in that order.  She plays guitar, and I've been learning bass for the past six weeks.  We're looking forward to playing with each other, but I'm itching to find some other musicians at my level to jam with until then (and who knows when that would be, our discussions have been VERY preliminary).

I've speculated on how we could put this together.  I know we'll be looking for a drummer, a rhythm guitarist, and a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, bass, rhythm guitar) who can be the wild card.  Yeah, I know, what do we need with another bassist?  Until I learn my chops, I'd feel better having an experienced bass player around to help me out.  Plus, I'm also picturing myself as lead singer (I'm good at memorizing lyrics), so I may put the bass down for a couple of songs while we perform.

As for how big we'll make it, I'd be happy just being in a bar band.  Playing to patrons on Friday and Saturday nights.  Food, drinks, and some money to invest in my new hobby is all I'd ask for.  Maybe getting to be good enough to be a permanent house band at an establishment (and if we can't do that, I'll BUILD a bar where we can be the house band).

Well, while we wait to see how this plays out, please let me know if you're interested in playing with me.  Because for those about to rock, I salute you.

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