Monday, April 5, 2004

It's Opening Day. The real Opening Day. And geez. The Twins had to come back from being down by 4 to win. In extra innings. Against Cleveland. Joe Mauer led off the bottom of the ninth with the game tied at 4. And he didn't end it with a shot into the seats. Pierzynski would have. OK, so I'm still bitter about that trade. Joe < A.J. He's a good kid, but he's still a kid. He can't even drink yet. Hell, I'm more than 2 years older than him.

But I shouldn't complain. Minnesota did win. Hunter didn't choke in a pressure situation (about damn time too). He tied the game in the eighth with a single that scored Mientkiewicz. Mauer made the tag at the plate to get Lawton out on Vizquel's double in the top of the 11th. And Shannon Stewart sent the fans hope happy with a three-run homer with 2 down in the bottom half of the inning. Only 161 more to go...

The vending machine that I like to frequent before class and during work no longer has Pepsi's with the iTunes caps. They switched back to the 1 in 6 chance to win a "Buy One, Get One Free." I'm so angry, although I've run out of songs I want to download. It's the principle, man!!

OK, about that review of Weezer's DVD, "Video Capture Device". The easiest thing to do would be to mention what I DID NOT like about it.

1. Navigating the Scene Selection menu. Each time you move the cursor up and down, the song playing in the background changes. And you have to wait for the song to load. ?? Here would have been the better option: one song for navigating the main menu on the left side. When you move the cursor to the sub-menu on the right, THEN change the song.

2. I guess this is more of a "1A." If the menu navigation was as I proposed, then it wouldn't be so bad. What am I talking about? Turning on the commentary. It takes over a minute to do so. It's the fifth option down on the main Scene Selection menu. So, you have to press down on the remote, wait for a different song to load and start playing before you can move the cursor again. And after you turn the commentary on, the cursor returns to the top of the menu (Music Videos). So, if you wanted to turn the commentary for a live performance on the third page of the "Documentary, B-Roll, and Live Stuff" submenu, you're going to want to beat your head against the wall before the whole thing is done.

3. Commentary problems:
3a. Where's Rivers? He's the frontman. I'm sure he has a lot to say about his band. It's his band (although I don't want to take away from Pat, Brian, Scott, Matt, and Mikey). He should have been there.
3b. Did anyone know who was talking when during the commentary? I sure didn't. I don't know if it was Pat or Scott or Karl (the band's video documentarian) half the time. The only time you KNEW who was talking and when someone said something like "there I am" when they were on screen.
3c. A minor, but very noticeable thing. During the commentary, the normal audio plays back at about half-volume. Not bad. But in the case of the "El Scorcho [Director's Cut]" video, the song suddenly (well, it seemed sudden) became off-synch with the video by a couple of seconds. Oops.

4. Not really a problem with DVD. Or maybe it is. Karl Koch threw some footage together for the "Slob" video. I don't like that song. It sounds so final. I hear that, and I'm all "Geez, these guys sound like they're break up, just forget the whole music thing, and get real jobs." It's so depressing in that angry kind of way. You know, they way you get when something good is over and you never wanted it to stop.

5. Not enough footage from televised performances. The only one they had was their August 4th, 1995 appearance on the Late Show with David Lettermann. What about any appearances stemming from the release of the Green Album and their return to stardom? Side note: I never saw their May 19th, 2001 performance of "Island in the Sun" on SNL. Comedy Central doesn't include that when they show that episode. That song totally renewed my interest in the band. Side note: I wish Comedy Central would show SNL again instead of Mad TV. Expect for any John Madden sketch, Mad TV sucks. I watch so much less Comedy Central now. I'd rather see a truncated, hour-long episode of SNL that I've seen 20 times than any complete episode of Mad TV.

Other than the above qualms, it's great. I can't stop watching the music videos. I even captured the audio from some of them and convert them into MP3's so I could listen to them on my computer. It's a cheap, acceptable alternative to buying the CD's for now. The live footage and such was kinda interesting. I would have like to have seen some more TV performances. And I love El Scorcho, Dope Nose, Pink Triangle, and Photograph, all of which I heard for the first time ever. The best part: owning a legal copy of one of the two best music videos of all time ("Keep Fishin'", the other being the Darkness's "I Believe in a Thing Called Love").

Wow, long post. That's a wrap people.

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