Thursday, April 29, 2004

You know, being the President, CEO, Project Manager, Senior Programmer, and only employee of your own software company is tough. I got so many ideas, but just a single man to hack out the code to make them work. If only I had some capital to hire people smarter than me. I will have my minions someday.

I want to consume a large quantity of food coloring for the sole purpose of turning my bodily waste an unusual color. I'm sure you don't need, or want, any details. I have to figure out how much I have to drink to see the effects, and whether or not that much straight food coloring is healthy for me.

I need to move to a country without "reality" television shows. I hate them so much. And they keep getting worse. Among the new ones, are the "Reverse American Idol" (I don't know what it's really called, but I don't give a F***!!) and "The Baby Game" (ditto). The former is just like regular "American Idol", but this time they're looking for the next William Hung!! The latter forces 5 married couples to compete for the chance to adopt a teenage mother's infant child. All of it, so very wrong.

Some kid at the University of Massachusetts tore into Pat Tillman, the NFLer turned soldier who recently died in combat in Afghanistan. What an asshole. One, speak well of the dead, especially when he died to protect your right to talk shit about him. Two, what have you done for America lately? Tillman sacrificed more than anyone could have asked for, turning down millions of dollars, playing in the NFL, and putting his life on the line. All for what he thought was right. You insult him, you insult the millions of Americans who's died for this great nation. Excellent quote from University president Jack Wilson about the kid's op-ed piece: "disgusting, arrogant and intellectually immature."

The kid later removed his head from the inside of his body cavity and apologized. He's still a dumbass punk who needs a swift kick in the rear.

I had an OS test on Tuesday. I thought I was ready for it. I was so wrong. I felt I was prepared for the test, but I forgot that this was a Dr. Juell test. You can never be prepared for those. I tried to BS my way through it, hoping to at least get 50 points and keep a C in the class. After I turned it in, he offered me a chance to retake the entire test open book. It would cost me 10 points. I spent a few minutes debating it. Wondering if there were any other strings attached. I retook the test. And I felt much better the second time around. I got them both back today. 78 the first time. 86 the second time. Guess I didn't do as bad as I thought.

I rather enjoy the discussion part of Juell's OS class. My class talks about the problems plaguing modern operating systems (mainly Microsoft) and how the things we learn in lecture apply to solving those problems. It's the lectures themselves that aren't so fun. They're kinda boring, mainly since he talks, and we don't. It's a good thing we discuss first, so we can eat up the first half hour or so. :)

OK, those remaining Weezer lyrics. From "Maladroit"...
-- "For the times that you wanna go and/Bust rhymes real slow/I'll appear/slap you on the face and/Enjoy the show" - Dope Nose
-- "Dead on my head/Wasting time on my own/Sleep rescue me/Take me back to my home" - Dope Nose
-- Keep Fishin' (another gem from the pen of Rivers Cuomo) - quite possibly my favorite Weezer song of all, thanks to the awesome video featuring the Muppets

OK, I was only able to deliver 15. Maybe someday, I'll finish the list.

It's bedtime for beautiful people like me. I got a presentation to half-ass in the morning. Later.

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