Monday, June 28, 2004

A few more comments about movies coming out this summer...

I, Robot: Call it what it is. The sequel to Independence Day.
Anchorman: Will Farrell is probably the most successful ex-SNLer to launch a movie career since Mike Myers
Spider-Man 2: This WILL be the coolest movie of the summer. Columbia Pictures hit a gold mine when it made movies based off of Marvel Comics the last 5 years.

Could you imagine superheroes following proper police procedure? Batman, Superman, Spider-Man all sitting at desks, or collecting evidence, or talking to the DA. Bizarre.

Yeah, this IS what I think about when I'm sitting around and doing nothing.

This may have been previously analyzed by many before me, but I'll just point it out to refresh your memory. Brian and Stewie have a unique relationship. Brian is the only one who understands Stewie. Stewie appreciates this (although he doesn't show it often), but also recognizes that Brian is his greatest threat.

Spell Check. It's a good thing.

Two of the greatest words in the English language: Play ball.

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