Friday, June 25, 2004

I GOT A JOB!! w00t!!

No longer will I stress and worry about finding employment. Now, I can stress and worry about KEEPING employment.

So, what's with this trend in music to put a terrible vocalist with an otherwise good band. Maroon 5 without their singer would be good. But that guy is horrible. He should change his tone or pitch or whatever so he doesn't suck anymore. Better yet, replace him. Same goes for Modest Mouse in their song "Float On".

Speaking of music, is P.O.D. capable of writing/recording/performing a decent WHOLE song? They can come so close to hitting the mark, but then things go awfully awry. A song can go from good to suck in just a few notes.

Here's something that's been bothering me for a while. If mergers work so well for businesses, why don't you see charities doing the same thing? I'm sure they can cut considerable costs by dumping high-ranking management, reducing office space, and buying office supplies in larger bulk amounts. Instead of 100 institutions doing AIDS research, you can have 8. And those 8 would get a whole lot more done than 100 separate charities. It's win-win.

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