Thursday, June 24, 2004

So, who is older? Pugsley or Wednesday Addams? In the movies made during the early to mid 90's, Wednesday seems to come off as the older one (via intelligence and having more control in situations with her brother), but seeing the old TV show on TV Land as I surf the channels, Pugsely looks older (due to his large size).

You know that a sketch and variety show is bad when they have to start parodying characters from OTHER variety shows. COUGH*madtv*COUGH...

I'd say I hate SUVs as much as the average person. They're big gas guzzlers. They're trendy. I'd say 80-90% of people who own them don't have a good enough reason to own one. Those people aren't making good decisions. If you need storage and hauling capacity, buy a pick-up truck. If you need to transport kids, get a minivan. If you need to transport adults, get a mid-size car. If you need to take several adults (5+), take two or more vehicles. You don't need an SUV if you never take it out of the city. You almost never need one, period.

However, radical eco-terrorists are not right either. Just because you object to something, doesn't mean you can vandalize and destroy it. Spray painting the vehicles in the dealer lots is also wrong.

Thank you MTV, for declaring the word "bling" and phrase "bling-bling" dead. People, especially everyone, should be beaten for using the term(s).

I think I like the bright green traffic lights more than the older, duller green lights.

Who else wants to skewer and roast Michael Moore alive? What an asshole. Don't go see his movie. Ever. In fact, make a sign, picket outside your local movie theater, and dissuade fellow moviegoers from seeing his movie(s).

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