Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I was driving in Fargo on Saturday afternoon, when I came to a stoplight, and some guy with a Harley pulled up beside me. I had my window down, so I told him that I liked it. And I meant it. I'm not a motorcycle guy, but I was really impressed by that shiny bike. If I ever got a motorcycle, I'd want one just like that.

Girls can pull off the whole Goth thing a whole lot better than guys can.

Dr. Angus is dumb. What with his fake quasi-German accent? And having a helicopter? Honestly, those commercials are so bad, I'm almost ashamed to say that I like Burger King.

How does a nerdy accountant type like John Clayton become a top football analyst for ESPN, the #1 sports network in the world? He looks like a guy who should be doing your taxes or sitting in front of a computer. He looks like an atypical football fan. I just don't get it.

I just realized something the other day. Star Trek, or any of its spinoffs, never did a clip show. How weird is that? Every mildly successful TV show does at least one during its run. Heck, "Clerks" (the animated series) did one as its SECOND episode. And clip shows are not tough to do. They require a lot less writing. Just some weak story to tie the clips together.

I've been able to coax a few of my friends into playing in a fantasy football league. It'll give me an excuse to get into football, which I really haven't been able to do since the Broncos won their two Super Bowls and Elway retired.

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