Monday, August 8, 2005

So, lemme get this straight...

Michael Bay, is the director of that movie, "The Island". He's known for big budget blockbusters. Scarlett Johansson stars in said movie. "The Island" is rated PG-13 and contains a love scene. Bay wanted Johansson to wear a cheap black bra during the scene, but Johansson didn't want to wear it and preferred to do it topless. Bay didn't, since it would have bumped the movie's rating up to R. They fought over it, and Bay won. Scarlett wore the bra.

Now, I could understand if Bay didn't want people (men) going to his movie if they were only going to see Scarlett's big naked boobies. It must be an ego thing. And no one went to see "The Island". Better to have people come for the wrong reasons, then only make back like 10% at the box office on a film that cost $120 million.

Bay can still redeem himself. If they did film the love scene topless, but it wound up on the cutting room floor. Make a Director's Cut Special Edition DVD, put it in as a deleted scene. They can make back a little bit more of that cash. Just a thought...

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