Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where's my iPhone?

So, I have a classic 80 GB iPod (6th Gen), a Windows Mobile 6 Samsung SCH-i760 smartphone, and an original 16 GB iPad.

I'm starting hate Apple these days. Mostly becuase I'm responsible for managing them at John Deere, and they keep neglecting the business market in favor of personal consumers. But they'll screwing me over on that side as well.

My cell phone is nearly three years old and up for replacement. But I'm still waiting for Apple to release an iPhone with sufficient hardware capabilities. I want an iPhone that replaces both my cell phone AND my iPod. That means at least 128 GB of storage.

"Dude, just use the cloud." No. Besides the security concerns I have with opening up my data to the outside world, I don't want to PAY to store and access my own data.

"DUDE, YOU BOUGHT AN iPAD!!" That's besides the point. I bought a refurbished, bottom-of-the-line, previous version of Apple's famed tablet device TO REPLACE MY LAPTOP, after the AC adapter port broke on it. The $349 was cheaper than $600-900 for a new laptop, especially when all I'm using it for is Facebook/Twitter/web surfing from my couch or on the road.

So, back to the iPhone thing: I have over 7400 songs on my iPod, taking up 52 GB of disk space. Apple would charge me $100 a year to put all that music (up to 55 GB) in their iCloud. Amazon offers 100 GB at the same yearly rate. Not to mention what a service plan from a cell provider would charge me for streaming all that data (I listen to my iPod about 6-8 hours a day).

I am grandfathered in with Verizon's unlimited data plan, but I'd STILL have to get a newer phone, because the software to use either cloud on my 4+ year old dinosaur WM6 phone doesn't exist.

So, until Steve Jobs and Tim Cook release the type of iPhone I want, I'm not upgrading. I'll use the money I'd save from the cloud for a higher-end, larger capacity, and probably more expensive cell phone/MP3 player, only paying for the single upgrade and the ability to carry one fewer device with me when I leave the house. #WorthIt

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