Friday, August 20, 2004

Some updates on my thoughts from the previous post...

According to the "That 70s Show" Episode Guide on TV Tome, Eric and Donna made love in Episode 41 (Season 2), then broke up in Episode 76 (Season 3 Finale). Donna got together with Kasey Kelso (Michael's brother) in Episode 92 (Season 4), then Kasey dumps her in Episode 103 (Season 4 Finale). Eric and Donna got back together in the Season 5 Premier.

As for Kelso and his van, I believe he lost it in Episode 61 (Season 3). Leo gives Hyde the El Camino in Episode 65 (Season 3). Michael gets a NEW van in a radio contest in Episode 80 (Season 4).

The website above will give you the basic plot lines for all 6 seasons so far. Also, Season 1 of "That 70s Show" is coming to DVD this October.

The Twins were 2 outs away from sweeping the Yankees. They came back from being down 9-3 in the bottom of the 7th to take a 10-9 lead going into the 9th. Joe Nathan gave up 4 runs and blew the save.

I watched as the Twins started scoring runs in the bottom of that 7th inning, and was getting very excited at the prospect of a sweep of the Yankees, a team they hadn't beat in the regular season in 2 years, and only once in the last 17 games. Not to mention New York beating them in the playoffs.

I was disappointed in the result, but I didn't blame Nathan. I just wanted to give the bully a well-deserved stomach punch. Then maybe watch Joe Torre or, even better, Satanbrenner, blow up about the outcome.

The Twins won the first game in a home series with the Indians, and are currently 5 games ahead of the Tribe. A sweep should open the lead significantly and take the wind out of Cleveland's sails.

AC/DC does not have a Greatest Hits album, but a very extensive collection. It's currently not worth my time to search for the songs I like.

It turns out that I was both right and wrong about differences between the rules for Olympic Gymnastics during the 1996 Atlanta and 2004 Athens games.

--I thought that the women competed on 5 apparatuses (apparati?). Turns out it was only 4. I thought they did Rings too, but no. That never changed.

--The scoring did. In Atlanta, you picked 6 people to compete per apparatus, throw out the lowest score. That didn't happen in Athens. You picked 3 people to compete, and all the scores counted.

--In Atlanta, it would appear that there was a compulsatory (required) routine and a optional routine. Both counted towards the team score. Now there is no compulsatory portion.

--Team sizes shrank from 7 to 6.

--The maimxum number of competitors a team sent to the Individual All-Around competetion shrank from 3 to 2.

--You got 2 vaults in Atlanta and Sydney. The lower score was discarded. You only get 1 in Athens (or Paul Hamm would have gotten rid of the one where he fell on his ass if they did).

Any questions you may have about the 1996, 2000, or 2004 Games, or anything else, could be answered at the offical website for USA Gymnastics. (Side note: site is kinda sloppy; they could use a better webmaster)

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